A Francesco Sr. suit does not simply cover the body. It is as if the suit were a natural expression of the body itself. With no obvious tricks or additions, a Francesco Sr. suit flows over the shoulders, across the torso and down the arms with such fluid ease, as though it has always been a part of one’s self.

In keeping with the old adage: “The bespoke tailor’s task is to bestow a good shape where nature has not granted one”, tailors have traditionally created a superstructure of padding and canvas to hide the body’s flaws. A Francesco Sr. suit, by contrast, enables the body itself to find and express its own ideal form.‎

Pad stitching
Bespoke construction

The Francesco Sr. silhouette embodies all of the classic sartorial elements: the strong shoulders, the full chest, the nipped waist. Yet the shoulders contain little to no padding; the chest is formed using a minimal amount of fabric; and the front of the jacket includes only small darts. This ideal shape is the culmination of two elements: a pattern which, after decades of refinement, has reached the peak of perfection, and a profound understanding that fabric is capable of being moulded. As Sr. Francesco says, “fabric is not wood”; thus his extraordinary ability to guide it in any direction he desires in his quest for sartorial harmony.

Classic tweed shooting jacket crafted of vintage wool/cashmere.This jacket is cut from midnight blue Guanaco, giving it a luxurious drape and slight sheen. Paired with off-white flannel trousers, the combination is a more casual alternative to the classic dinner jacket.