Our History

Sr. Francesco decided at a very young age that his calling was to be a tailor. He left his tiny Sicilian village to move to Palermo, where he worked under the tutelage of the island's best cutters and tailors. But as he grew into adolescence, he knew he wanted to be more than a local tailor. The art and craft of cutting and sewing was now in his blood, as was his insatiable lifelong drive towards perfection. What followed was a move to a bastion of fine tailoring, Milan, where he apprenticed under one of the city’s finest master tailors. It was there that Sr. Francesco’s own sartorial vision began to develop and come into focus. 

Young Signor Francesco
Signor Francesco 1970s
Signor Francesco 1970s

In 1970, Canada was introduced to Sr. Francesco’s brand of bespoke tailoring as he set up his own atelier in Toronto. Never straying from the meticulous hand work he had learned in Italy, Sr. Francesco spent the next four decades breathing life into the refined Milanese tailoring traditions he had acquired, through a combination of personal innovations and elegant classic styling.

Signor Francesco today
Francesco Sr hangers

Sr. Francesco still has the passion he had as a young boy; still committed to hand work and the perfect silhouette. As many of his contemporaries in Toronto distanced themselves from traditional tailoring methods, Sr. Francesco never wavered in his craft.  Today, Sr. Francesco embarks on yet another new chapter in his life. Partnering with LeatherFoot Emporium, he brings his contoured and lyrical style of personal tailoring to a new and wider audience.

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The Future

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